Christmas Stocking Stuffers: Give Them A Theme!

This year, look for something different in Christmas stocking stuffers. In fact, why not create a theme for the stockings that you put up this year on your mantle. For each of your children, give them a stocking that is full of stuffers that are going to give back to them and not in the way of poor health (which candy will give them!) There are many ways that you can have fun with the stocking stuffers that you select. There are plenty of ways to have some fun and give them stuff they will love.

Stocking stuffers can be virtually anything of course. To create a stocking stuffer that is fun to play with, consider these themes for your children or make up your own stuffer theme.

* Select a theme of a princess for your little girl. You can put things like a magic wand, little play shoes for a princess and even use stuffers that are things like play make up. You can then give them a gift of a princess dress to go along with it. * For your sporty kid, give them a stocking that is full of fun sports related things. This can be things like small balls, sports magazines, fun sports trading cards and other stocking stuffers that have a sports theme. * For your younger child, a stocking that is full of small toys is good, but give it a theme. This can be things like a car theme, a sticker theme or a creative theme. Fill the stocking with various small things that they can play with.

When it comes to Christmas stockings, children expect to find lots of candy in them. But, if your children are trying to live a healthier lifestyle like so many of us are, then you can skip the candy and use other stocking stuffers instead. Find a theme that will work with them and fill their stockings with these things. They won’t miss the candy.

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