Filling Christmas Stockings With Creativity

For Christmas stockings this year, get a theme. One of the best things to fill those socks full of is lots of fun creative toys and tools. If your children are looking forward to a stocking that is filled with candy and you want them to eat a healthier diet, go for a more creative approach for the Christmas tradition this year. They may even love these stockings more so than those that are filled with candy! Here are some things to put into your children’s stockings this Christmas morning.

* Crayons and markers are the ideal thing to put into a stocking this Christmas. Do not go with just the boring ones, though. Fill the stockings with scented markers, fun erasable ones and lots and lots of colors. There are some great new products to consider here. * Paints. You can find washable pants such as watercolor sets as well as finger-paints that you do not have to worry about landing on your carpeting or not coming off of clothes. * Lots of paper. Construction paper, felt paper, lots of sticky papers and more things can be great things to place in stockings. * The stocking can have other craft supplies as well for the stockings including colored cotton balls, Popsicle sticks and fun little eyeballs. Stickers work well too. * Playdoh, clay and other construction types of products are great for creative learning too. * Consider blocks, small sets and other building elements that will have them thinking in a new way.

This Christmas, look for some great ways to fill your child’s stockings to create a fun and healthy stocking that will keep them busy all winter long. Children love to have fun and to be stimulated mentally. For this, use their stocking to give them some smaller gifts that can continue to give them timeless fun for many months to come.

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