A Dream Engagement With a 2 Carat Diamond Ring

Who says that only celebrities can have a 2 carat diamond ring (and sometimes larger) as an engagement ring? Like it or not, bigger is better when it comes to diamonds, especially when it is an engagement ring we are considering.

We have to take in consideration that celebrities lifestyles do influence every one of us or at least gives us ideas for better or worse.

From Marilyn Monroe who first said the still famous and very agreed by women ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ to Jennifer Lopez who made headlines with her variety of over sized engagement rings.

Affording a 2 carat diamond ring may be a very difficult task for the average income man. However, where there is a will there is a way and we can help you find one without getting broke for years to come.

Diamond quality comes in grades obviously the better graded the more expensive. Another factor to remember is dividing the gem stone into several small gem stones rather then one huge piece which will always cost more no matter of the quality.

You can pick several smaller diamonds to create the 2 carat diamond ring you have in mind as your engagement ring. For example, one carat tear shaped center piece with two half carat trillion cut diamonds on each side.

Some of these smaller gem stone setting can create a gorgeous breath taking, jaw dropping 2 carat diamond ring. The possibilities are endless with your imagination left to explore.

Setting a 2 carat diamond ring may not always be easy especially if you have one piece gem stone. It is large and heavy; depending on your hand it can easily overpowering it however, do not worry it will never look bad. To ensure that the ring does not turn to its side, (something that frequently happens with over sized rings) have the ring base (the part under your finger) made with corners; this will prevent it from turning.

Cleaning a 2 carat diamond ring

Most people take their jewelry to a jeweler for cleaning they, usually use ultrasonic device to clean your ring, earrings etc. However that is not always recommended as it can loosen your setting and you may loose the gem stone. You can easily clean your diamond jewelry at home with some warm water and mild soap (not dish washing detergent), let the jewelry soak for about 10 minutes after which gently brush them with an old toothbrush clean. They will sparkle like new!

Buying, maintaining and securing a 2carat diamond ring is not easy but definitely worth the trouble.

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