Past, Present, and Future; the 3 Stone Diamond Ring

The significance of a 3 stone diamond ring is past, present, and future; through them you state to the one you present it to that ‘I loved you’, ‘I love you’ and ‘I will always love you’. All major jewelers carry the 3 stone diamond ring; it is traditionally made with brilliant/round cut diamonds but, one can choose any shape one desires.

Diamond cuts that can be used for the 3 stone diamond ring:

* princess cut * marquis cut * oval cut * emerald cut

All the above cuts can be assembled to create the 3 stone diamond ring to match the personality and individuality of the person you have in mind.

The past, present, and future ring (3 stone diamond ring) is a recent creation. At the time it was first put on the market the three diamonds were all the same size and shape. In due course the jewelers and creators experimented with it and came out with what we have today – two different shapes, the middle gem stone larger then the two side one. This creation stuck with women all over and for the time being did not suffer any change.

All jewelry signifies love and care in one way or the other however, the past present and future ring says it all. So, if you have a special occasion such as an anniversary this is the perfect gift to get for the lady of your life. No words are needed the 3 stone diamond ring says it all.

The past present and future collection does not come only in rings. You can get a necklace with the three diamonds which represents the same thing. They have also added earrings to the collection. I have not spotted bracelets yet but I am sure they will not be long before they come up with something to complete the collection.

You don’t really have to wait for a special occasion to tell your loved one how you feel about her. So, even if anniversary would seem like the best occasion and that is the one occasion these rings have been sold for, I would say one can really present it for any occasion or none at all. Expressing your love should not have a given time and place, do it when your heart tells you to. The 3 stone diamond ring is there to do the talking for you.

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