Try a New Take on an Old Classic, an Antique diamond ring

Fashion trends come and go, some last longer than others, but eventually fashion rides a cycle that will make its way back to the same spot eventually. As old becomes new again, a new trend in the engagement ring choice is purchasing antique diamond ring. This antique diamond ring can be purchased from antique stores or antique jewelers or passed down from one generation to another as a precious family heirloom.

Some think that antique diamond ring is more valuable than brand new diamond rings because they have staying power or longevity and authenticity that they hold. There are a few different types of an antique diamond ring as well as uses for an antique diamond ring.

Engagement Rings

A time honored classic diamond ring design can make the perfect engagement ring as a symbol of strong and lasting love and promise to your bride, making an antique diamond ring an excellent choice. Antique diamond engagement rings seem to follow a similar design of having the diamond on top of the ring, while there are a variety of shapes that you can get your stone cut in. These shapes include the rose cut, the European cut and the mine cut. This is a different and interesting choice to make an engagement ring very special and unique.

Eternity Rings

This is an antique diamond ring that is used as either an engagement ring or as a lovely ring to dress up an outfit. Eternity rings are from the last century and hold some old world charm and mystery. Diamonds are the most popular stone used in this style of ring, although there are some made with either ruby or sapphire stones.

The style of an eternity ring is to have diamonds or other chosen stones encrusted all the way around the ring or they use an intricate design on the front of the ring.

Pricing for an antique diamond ring

When looking at an antique diamond ring, you have to keep the element of price in mind, The price of these old rings are usually quite high, and there is also the problem of supply as antique generally refers to at least a hundred years old, there are a limited quantity of these rings left in the world. So, the next step is finding them, and then getting a reasonable price.

The price range that I found when looking up an antique diamond ring went as high as between $2500 and $10, 000. The price is something to keep in mind when deciding to buy an antique diamond ring for any occasion. Of course, it is possible to find a nice quality antique diamond ring for more or less than the price range that I have listed in this article, or perhaps you have an antique diamond ring within your family making it truly invaluable.

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