The Beauty of an Asscher Cut Diamond Ring

The beauty of an Asscher cut diamond ring will captivate and win you over in no time. Elegant and timeless the Asscher cut diamond is sleek and truly distinctive.

The Asscher history

The Asscher cut is named after its founder Joseph Asscher of the Royal Asscher Company established in 1854 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The Asscher cut itself was created in 1902 by the same Joseph Asscher. Asscher cut diamonds are rare.

Joseph Asscher is not known in the history only for the Asscher cut but, he is also famous for his work on the 3,205 carat Cullinan diamond the largest known diamond in the world.

Asscher cut is unique because no two diamonds can be alike as there are no absolute standard proportions. Asscher cut is square shaped with beveled corners but its uniqueness lies in the many parallel step facets which creates a pattern throughout the diamond. The depth of the Asscher cut is much deeper then normal emerald cut diamonds to accommodate these steps. At the top there is a small facet called the table.

These extraordinary cuts add sparkle to any Asscher cut diamond ring If you look directly into an Asscher cut diamond ring you will notice it creates a ‘hall of mirrors’, which allows you to notice any flaws or inclusions.

Celebrities and their Asscher cut diamond ring

Due to its originality and complexity the Asscher cut diamond ring is soon gaining ground with today celebrities. Reese Witherspoon wears a four carat Asscher cut diamond ring, given by Ryan Philippe at their engagement. Kate Hudson shows off her five carat Art Deco style Asscher cut engagement ring as well. Last but not least Sharon Stone picked her 11 carat Asscher cut diamond ring to stand out in a crowd as she always does.

Asscher cut diamonds are not easily available due to their complex and meticulous cut and structure. Looking for one readily available in the stores may prove a very difficult task; you may want to look into estate sales for one or the best way is to get one custom made for you. Of course most designer houses should carry this extraordinary cut diamond as part of their collection.

Engagement ring or otherwise Asscher cut diamond ring will enhance your beauty; add style and elegance to your personality. All jewelry collectors should not miss this masterpiece in their collection.

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