The Black diamond - Mysterious Yet Alluring

Diamonds have always held my fascination. The cut, color, quality, caret… I studied them all differently. The ones that fascinated me the most though were the colored diamonds. The most interesting one to me though is the black diamond. So few people even know that they exist so here is a quick primer on what is so different about a black diamond.

Where Are They From?

The black diamond is mostly found across the ocean in Africa, Australia, Brazil, Russia and India though recently they were also discovered in Northern Canada.

How Are They Enhanced?

Like all gemstones, a black diamond is put through different tests to make them look all the more beautiful. Occasionally they will be laser drilled in order to give them an improved appearance and like other colored diamonds will be put through irradiation or treated with heat to induce more colors to the surface.

Things to Be Aware Of

Before you go out and add a classy black diamond to your collection, you should be aware of a few things. The first thing to be aware of is that not all types of black diamond are actually legitimately a black diamond. Some black diamonds will actually be pure diamonds that are treated to radiation to make them appear black. In natural light, they will appear to be perfectly black but when treated to the proper light source, you can see that they are actually a very dark green. It is also possible to tell the difference using a microscope.

A natural black diamond is actually a diamond that has numerous levels of inclusion from graphite which unfortunately makes them very fragile and hard to cut. Many jewelers refuse to carry them for this reason though a lack of general interest in them might also be a strong factor in this. Though the black diamond has become more trendy and fashionable lately, it is still a hard sell.

OK, So What If I Want To Buy One?

There are a few things that you should remember before you go out and buy. The most important thing is that it’s probably best not to look online for this kind of gemstone. While it is possible to find a reputable dealer who will sell you a genuine black diamond, it’s also possible to find someone who is trying to unload an un-natural black diamond or even onyx and you won’t know until you get your gemstones checked.

Figure out if you really want a natural black diamond or if you are satisfied with having a natural diamond that has been radiated. While there isn’t any real difference to the naked eye, some people just prefer to have a natural gemstone on their finger.

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