Fascinating Black Diamond Jewelry

Black diamond jewelry was always looked upon with a note of mystery and fascination. Is it because so little is known about black diamond jewelry or because one hardly finds such jewelry pieces in the jewelry stores?

Diamonds are known to everyone (at least all women) to be the most sought after gem stone and for a very good reason, its outstanding qualities. Diamonds are not only precious and rare but also strong and resistant hence the saying – diamonds are forever.

A brief diamond history

What are diamonds made of? Diamonds are made out of the very material you find in a pencil, carbon. The difference between the two is that for billions of years, some carbon deposits have undergone extreme pressure and heat to be transformed into a diamond crystal. Volcanic activity then thrust the material up towards the earth’s surface to cool in kimberlite pipes. It is here that diamonds are found today.

Diamond color

Most common color of diamonds are colorless and that is the most desired as it is the most expensive as well. However, you will find diamond in a range of colors such as, yellow or canary diamond, blue, pink and black.

While the yellow canary diamond along with the pink make beautiful engagement rings and a few celebrities did start that trend ( for example Jennifer Lopez got a pink diamond engagement ring from Ben Aflek, a very large one, I may add), the black diamond does not.

Black diamond jewelry is very pretentious, it commands style, elegance and a class of its own. It cannot be made in just anything of any style. Black diamond jewelry is mostly made in antique designs, mysterious and complex just like the gem stone. Usually white gold or platinum is used for creating these master pieces, very rarely or on request it is set in yellow gold.

Black diamond jewelry due to its color can be worn with almost any color attire but definitely not anytime. Mostly such jewelry is to enhance, an elegant classic look. Black diamond jewelry may very well go with jeans as well as an evening dress you cannot say the same about a lot of classic jewelry.

The modern woman of today is in search for classic yet in style jewelry to match most of her wardrobe and that is exactly what black diamond jewelry offers. Investing in black diamond jewelry is a wise decisions; you will be in fashion and elegant at the same time.

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