Black Diamond Ring – a Diamond Lover’s Dream

Acquiring a black diamond ring is a must for every respected collector or diamond lover. It is a unique piece of jewelry, rare, beautiful, and extremely precious.

A brief diamond history and legend

Diamonds were first mined in India around 800 BC. The industry as we know it today, began in South Africa at the turn of the century. The legend says that a young boy was walking on the banks of the Orange River and picked up a shiny stone; he liked that stone so much where he placed it safe for many years to come. One day a geologist stopped by and inspected the stone, the now young man had discovered it was a diamond.

The largest diamond deposits are found in Africa, Siberia and Australia; other deposits exist in many parts of the world including the U.S.A.

Mining for diamonds

There are two ways to mine diamonds – alluvial or panning and the primary method, the shaft or vertical mining. In this process the diamonds are mined from the loose earth around the kimberlite pipe; when the hope gets too deep a vertical shaft is dug and the pipe is accessed through horizontally.

Colored diamonds

Diamonds are mostly known as white or colorless. However there are a number of colors which diamonds do come in naturally; they are yellow or canary, blue, red, champagne and black. Black diamonds stand out as elegant and sophisticated creating exquisite jewelry pieces such as a black diamond ring, black diamond earrings, black diamond bracelets, the list is endless.

Setting for a black diamond ring

For a black diamond ring, the best suitable setting would be white gold as it brings out the glorious contrast and beauty of the gem stone. You can of course choose platinum which will add even more to its value.

Even though a black diamond ring may not be a best pick for an engagement ring, it has not been unheard of; today people want to be authentic and inventive so they create different things to step out of the monotony of life. A black diamond ring will do just that to the giver and the receiver.

A black diamond ring is also a valued investment. Colored diamonds value has increased over the years increasing their demand from year to year. It will be a treasured and cherished piece of jewelry that will be remembered for generations to come.

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