The Blue Diamond Engagement Ring

The blue diamond engagement ring is a beautiful brightly colored stone. Of course, as the name suggests, it has a beautiful blue coloration. These diamonds are natural, fancy, and are extremely rare and very expensive. There are certain things you will want to look for when you are purchasing a blue diamond engagement ring. You certainly don’t want one where the coloring is not quite right. Many blue diamonds are rejected by people because they have a sea-green overtone. Others are not bright enough, and have slightly imperfect proportions.

Blue Sapphires Are Not As Good As the Blue Diamond

You can get your blue diamond engagement ring with the cut that you are looking for. It is important when they are being cut that proportion is good. Some people may think they could get a blue sapphire instead of a blue diamond to save money.

However, this is not quite the quality you can expect when you have a blue diamond engagement ring. You could never find a sapphire as bright and attractive as the one you find in a blue diamond engagement ring. While a sapphire may look great, it is the rarity, the color, and the expense in acquiring a blue diamond that really makes it stand out.

If you are looking for a diamond ring that will be unique and unusual, you will want to look into a blue diamond engagement ring. Keep in mind that you’ll have to pay through the nose to acquire one, but it is well worth the extra money if you have it available. When you get your blue diamond engagement ring, it is best if you can see the diamond for yourself before it is actually set in gold. This is so you can look at it from underneath to see what quality grade the diamond would be.

Getting the Right Setting for Your Ring

You also want to try to get your blue diamond engagement ring set in a white gold or platinum. This is because you won’t truly be able to see the special properties from the ring with a yellow band on it. You’ll be paying a small fortune for your blue diamond itself, so trying to save on the band setting is pointless, and will only detract from the value. You will have no better way to show love than to get something so exquisite. Not everyone will be able to own one of these rings because this sort of diamond is very hard to find. It is exceptionally rare to even come across one. Unless you frequent high class art or jewelry auctions, you’ll likely never see one in real life!

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