Blue diamond jewelry, and Interesting Twist on Diamond Jewelry

Why not try something new when it comes to buying jewelry? Instead of the usual clear or white colored diamonds, look for an eye-catching and beautiful alternative to the usual, Blue Diamonds and of course, Blue diamond jewelry is an exciting and different choice for jewelry purchases.

What Is Blue diamond jewelry?

Blue diamond jewelry is crafted from extremely rare blue diamonds. Blue diamonds have been around for many years, but are usually very difficult to find, thus driving the price up significantly. However, if you are lucky enough to find some blue diamond jewelry and can afford it, do not pass it up as it will a valuable and attractive addition to your jewelry collection.

Where Does Blue diamond jewelry come from?

Historically blue diamonds came from India, and were worn by women in India since many, many years ago. Now, most of the blue diamond production takes places in South Africa. The actual jewelry made from blue diamonds can be purchased in almost any country all with various designs and settings.

What kind of Blue diamond jewelry can you buy?

Today there are many creative and beautifully crafted pieces of blue diamond jewelry and they include:

Gift Sets

An earring and necklace gift set is perfect for a groom to present his bride as a wedding gift. The groom giving his bride a gift is an old tradition as a symbolic f first gift as the couple starts out their life together.


Blue diamond earrings are another popular choice if you are in the market for blue diamond jewelry. These have an exquisite look, and when I looked online, I found that the price was quite reasonable, finding some pairs to cost under one hundred dollars.


Blue diamond necklaces have many looks, and designs while keeping a soft feeling. The designs vary from heart shaped yellow gold crowned with blue diamonds around the edges, or a dainty flower shape full of blue diamonds. The prices of these necklaces, that I found range from the mid hundreds to an even thousand dollars.


A white gold, blue diamond bracelets are also a popular design and another suggested groom gift to his bride, these bracelets have an elegant and classy look because of their delicacy. With the light and piercing look of the blue diamond a light colored setting seems to fit naturally, so a white gold or platinum is a great choice. Again in terms of price, I found that they range from the mid hundreds and go into the thousands. Of course, you can always find some pieces worth a great deal more.


Blue diamond rings also vary considerably among both design and price. Rings crafted with a twist design add to the dainty look of a blue diamond, and a blue diamond in the center of two white diamonds is a very striking design. Both are priced between four hundred and nine hundred. This is only a few of the rings that are available with blue diamonds, but gives you the idea of what is around in terms of blue diamond rings.

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