Blue Diamond Ring for an Engagement Ring?!

Be different and get a blue diamond ring as your engagement ring, I guarantee your girlfriend will adore it. We all want to stand out once and awhile, especially on that special day in our lives. In fact, colored diamonds are becoming quiet a trend with celebrities all around.

Different colored diamonds

Diamonds come in red, yellow, pink, champagne, black, and blue. Colored diamonds are rare and therefore more valuable. For over 30 years now the value of colored diamonds has not decreased on wholesale level with the yellow and blue diamonds increasing to about double their value approximately every 5 years. There is a good reason to get a blue diamond ring.

If you do not wish to invest a great deal of money on a natural colored diamond, as they are quiet expensive due to their rarity, you can still get your wish fulfilled by getting a treated natural diamond. This process is known as irradiation and it is usually done to poor quality diamonds whose color is not of a desirable grade. The treated diamonds are considerably less priced therefore much more affordable.

Diamond size

Size definitely matters when we are talking about diamonds and rings. If you are thinking to get a blue diamond ring for an engagement ring, you are looking for at least a carat gem stone. Keep in mind the larger the stone, the higher the price. If you do not wish to spend so much yet, you want to impress your girl, there is a solution for that too. Get a multi stone ring for example, the main stone of the blue diamond ring should be of half a carat and two side stones of quarter of a carat. That way you don’t spend a fortune and still get a gorgeous ring.

Setting for the blue diamond ring

Setting the blue diamond ring should be chosen carefully in order to bring out the most beautiful sparkle and fire from the gem stone. Usually white gold accomplishes this very beautifully but, here too it is a matter of personal preferences as some choose platinum or yellow gold.

Buying a blue diamond ring for an engagement ring will put you out of the ordinary and monotonous stereo type into the exciting adventurous boyfriend your girlfriend will see in you. A great investment, this blue diamond ring will be one of the treasures that will be passed on from generation to generation.

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