A Quick Guide to Acquiring a Canary Diamond Ring

A canary diamond ring is a fascinating addition to one’s collection of jewels. More and more people turn to colored diamonds to mark special occasions and why not even for engagement rings. A canary diamond ring is a perfect way to have a different but still traditional engagement ring.

Most diamonds are sought for being as colorless of it gets however, colored diamonds are even more rare and valued.

Diamond colors – diamonds come in white or as colorless as possible, red, blue, pink, amber, champagne and yellow or canary.

Yellow diamonds also known as canary diamonds come in a range of light to vivid yellow. Natural yellow diamonds are extremely rare only 1 in approximately 1,000 fits the canary classification. Other yellow diamonds on the market usually undergo a process to obtain their color called irradiation.

In its purest form a white diamond is composed of carbon atoms and is colorless. However, when certain atoms replace the carbon atoms, they impart tints of color. Natural yellow diamonds have traces of boron and nitrogen in their composition. While it is known which chemical process produce color changes in some diamonds researchers still don’t have an answer as why some change color while some do not.

Yellow/canary diamonds – we have established that yellow diamonds are expensive and rare but, the price also reflects the quality, clarity and intensity of the color in the gem stone.

Largest canary/yellow diamond – The Tiffany yellow diamond is the largest in the world with a 287.42 carat weight. It was discovered in the historic DeBeers mines of South Africa in 1887. Tiffany & Co after which the diamond is named had the yellow diamond cut with 90 facets in Paris under the sharp eye of Dr George Frederick Kunz, the company’s re-known gemologist.

Your canary diamond ring- when looking for your canary diamond ring be sure that it is natural. Most jewelers provide certificate or authenticity with all jewelry purchases especially such high end product. Many try to pass simulated diamonds as natural colored diamonds and it is easy to get fooled if you do not do your research in the subject.

A canary diamond ring acquisition will be a great source of pleasure, gossip, envy and possessiveness. A jewelry piece you will treasure, cherish and one day pass it on to your next generation to do the same. Hopefully the guide provided above will help you choose the right canary diamond ring.

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