Considerations for Buying a Cheap Diamond Engagement Ring

When a man is ready to buy an engagement ring for his special lady, there is a lot of pressure and consideration in making the choice. The engagement ring, a token of his love and affection for her, is a lasting representation of this feeling and mark of his commitment to solely her.

The first thing that needs to be pointed out when buying a diamond engagement ring is how much ring do you want to buy? There is considerable variance in style and price when it comes to diamond engagement rings, it depends on the person buying the ring, and what their priority is, and cost is likely going to be a factor most men. So, there are some points to consider when buying an engagement ring, especially if you are trying to buy a cheap diamond engagement ring.


A rule of thumb that has been commonly used when buying diamond engagement rings is the ring should cost approximately two months salary for the man purchasing the ring. Even with this rule for thumb, and if you are trying to buy a cheap diamond engagement ring, the price still varies. As price is the primary concern when buying an engagement ring, especially when you are trying to buy a cheap diamond engagement ring, there is a huge range in terms of price. The least expensive ring on the market for an engagement ring would have to be a cubic zirconia, which looks a lot like a real diamond. From the cubic zirconia, you can increase the price slightly too dramatically, all dependant on the cut and type of diamond and the material used in the setting of the ring.

When it comes to buying a cheap diamond engagement ring, try to pick a ring that fits your lady’s style, while fitting it into what you can really afford to spend on the engagement ring.

It is a good idea to have a budget in mind before you go shopping for the ring, so that you will know beforehand what you can afford to spend. Having a budget in mind will also make your selection easier and prevent you from being talked into spending more money than you intended to on the engagement ring.

Most important, when buying a cheap diamond engagement ring is to remember that you can pick a nice attractive looking ring within your budget, you just have to shop around until you find it.


An important consideration when choosing a diamond engagement ring is the style of the ring. The design of the ring should compliment the woman that you are buying the ring for; it should be something that she will love, since she will be looking at it for a long time. It is also something that she will want to show off to almost everyone she knows, so it’s important to find a favorable design that suits the woman the ring is for.

The shape of the diamond is a way to personalize the engagement ring, a square, round, tear drop or heart is a few of the shapes that diamonds are available in.

Setting Material

The metal used for the setting of diamond engagement rings is another choice that has to be made when purchasing a diamond engagement ring. The price of a ring depends on the setting material and can keep the price affordable or increase the price significantly. Choices include platinum, gold, white gold, silver, and sterling silver to name a few.

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