Getting a Cheap Diamond Ring

Is there such a thing as cheap diamond ring? I never thought the words diamond and cheap fit in the same sentence. Yet, I see during any holiday or festivity, advertisements all over the place announcing cheap diamond rings, earrings and other such items.

Diamonds never were, or ever will be cheap. However, there are ways to fit a budget. No you are not going to get a cheap diamond ring, what you will get is what you pay for.

Diamonds are one of the most expensive gem stone in the world its qualities and beauty are outstanding. Any lady will never refuse a diamond when given as a present not to mention how special a diamond can get when presented to the right person at the right time.

Here are a few facts you should know when purchasing a diamond, be it a ring or any other piece of jewelry:

* Diamonds are graded by what is called the four ‘C’ – color, cut, clarity and carat. All are equally important while purchasing a diamond ring or any other piece or jewelry.

* Color- As the old saying goes, ‘less is more’ certainly applies in this case. Diamond color grades start from ‘D’ and continue through the alphabet. The closer a diamond is to being colorless the rarer and more expensive it gets.

* Cut – Of the four ‘C’, cut is one that is most influenced by man the other characteristics being influenced by nature. A great cut will influence a diamonds sparkle and fire as it is only the cutter’s skill that will release the beauty of this gem stone.

* Clarity – In most diamonds, with a few exceptions of what are the purest diamond gem stones, tiny traces of minerals, gases and other such natural elements are trapped inside during the crystallization process. They are known technically as inclusions, with some jewelers calling them ‘birth marks’ as they are unique to every gem stone. These inclusions decide a great deal in the grading of a diamond. The more inclusions the lower the grade and the price.

* Carat – the most important of all (to all women at least), the weight and therefore the size of the diamond is expressed carats.

Keeping in mind all of the above, can you buy a cheap diamond ring? I don’t think you can ever classify a diamond ring as cheap. What you will get is value for your money. Many shops will sell you a ‘cheap diamond ring’, which is not really cheap, but has a very tiny gem stone of very bad clarity and color which is inexpensive and shops market it as cheap.

Do not look for a cheap diamond ring you will not find one instead, recognize the diamond’s qualities and get value for your money.

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