Cushion Cut Diamond Ring an all Time Classic

Cushion is a shape of a diamond which has an overall all rectangular squarish appearance with rounded corners and the amazing part – 58 brilliant cut facets and look like a pillow cushion from where it gets its name as well.

These diamonds were developed about 100 years ago when diamonds were mainly worked by hand rather then lasers. Because of the inability to perfect the sharpness and clearness of the facets of the cushion cut diamond, it lacked the lackluster sparkle that is synonymous with a beautiful diamond. All that has changed with the modern times and tools and the cushion diamond now is full of fire with sparkles.

When acquiring a cushion cut diamond ring you have to consider the following points:

* The size of the diamond – because of its bulky nature cushion cut diamonds come in considerable sizes due to which the price tag is as considerable as well. The bright side is it makes well visible cushion cut diamond ring.

* You must make sure that the diamond is not too deep cut as this feature will obstruct the light the pass through which gives it its fire and sparkle.

* The setting of the ring needs to be done usually just by itself without any additional gem stones to clutter its style and glamour.

Helpful tips for buying a diamond:

Getting a cushion cut diamond ring is tricky as due to its complex cut you cannot see many inclusions or the real color of the diamond.

* When you cannot determine with the naked eye inclusions or color ask the jeweler for a loop. This will magnify and clear the visibility allowing you to see exactly the quality of the diamond.

* All diamonds are graded so make sure to ask the jeweler for the diamond specifications before purchase.

* The price will always reflect the quality of the diamond.

* Be sure to get a strong setting so you do not lose the diamond.

A cushion cut diamond ring attracts a lot of attention good and bad so be careful where you go when wearing it. It is a great piece of jewelry to display your personality and individuality as well as be in tone with the latest fashion. A cushion cut diamond ring is never out of style. Enjoy and cherish your cushion cut diamond ring, I know I adore mine.

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