A Diamond Earring: Definitely a Girl’s Best Friend

Diamonds are becoming an increasingly popular gemstone with everyone, from Paris Hilton to your own mother. And why wouldn’t every girl want a ‘rock’ in her jewellery box? Every little girl hopes to wear one on her ring finger one day and there’s a little bit of Liz Taylor in all of us. Diamonds have always been synonymous with luxury, beauty and indulgence.

The Most Versatile Accessory

Not all necklines benefit from necklaces; unnecessary rings get in the way of doing everyday things and the same goes for bracelets. Earrings on the other hand are the perfect everyday accessories. Simply slip on your diamond earring in the morning and you’ll forget it’s even there.

What is the best thing about diamonds? They match everything! It doesn’t matter what colour your dress is or what type of outfit you have on. A pair of diamond studs will most certainly complement anything you’re wearing and suit any occasion, whether it’s a boardroom meeting or a night out on the town, your diamond earring will set the right tone.

Luxury in a Box

There’s nothing like a diamond earring, or quite frankly, a diamond anything to add some glitz into our lives. It’s easy to forget how beautiful and special we are when dealing with the humdrum of everyday life. The glamorous woman we thought we were going to grow into is now acquainted with sweats rather than satin and cheese whiz instead of Brie.

Too often we forget to take care of ourselves as we busy our days with putting everyone else first. Jewellery seems like an extravagance that we are not worth. On the other hand, the sacrifices that you’ve made for your family are probably immeasurable; a little diamond earring in comparison is nothing next to the luxury you really deserve. If they can’t bottle youth (yet), take comfort that you can at least buy yourself a little luxury in a pretty box.

Perfect Family Heirlooms

Women are constantly being proposed to with diamond engagement rings that have been passed on from one generation to another, simply because diamonds are perfect heirlooms. Unlike the price of gold, which fluctuates, diamonds are precious and sustain their value. This makes something like a diamond earring the ideal thing to pass on from mother to daughter. What better way to make a young girl feel like a woman than her very first diamond on her twenty-first birthday? In the event that you have no daughters, what better way to welcome a future daughter-in-law into the family than the promise of family jewels?

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