Picking a Diamond Engagement Ring to be Proud Of

A diamond engagement ring has been a symbol of marriage for many centuries. In modern times, it can be one of the most important purchases that a person makes in their lives. The standard rule of thumb is that you’re supposed to spend two months salary on the ring. Any more or less and people might begin to talk. But in this age, two months salary can go a long way. So what do you do?

Boning Up On Ring Basics

So you’ve gone through your entire life without ever even thinking about jewelry and what makes a good diamond? Well join the club. Luckily there are resources out there for you. The first thing that any one should do before shelling out the money on a diamond engagement ring is to learn the basics.

The first question you must ask yourself is “Do I even know what kind of ring they’d like?” It’s natural to want to surprise her with a ring that you’ve picked out but if you choose the wrong one, it can kill what should be a very special moment. Don’t be afraid to ask her the question first and then choose a ring together, it’s not quite as spontaneous but at least you know she’ll be getting the diamond engagement ring she truly wants.

After you’ve figured that out it’s time to learn about the four C’s: Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat. All of these qualities are important when choosing the proper diamond; make sure you know what you’re looking at so that when the salesperson addresses issues that are somewhat complex, you can at least relate.

Custom Design

Many retailers out there will allow you to custom design a ring for your soon-to-be-life partner ensuring that your ring will be one of a kind. There are even some places online that will let you do it so that you can see exactly how it will look. Of course, you’ll have to use your imagination to figure out how it would look on your partner’s finger but you were going to do that anyway, right?

Break Tradition

Weddings are a very big deal when it comes to tradition and I’m sure that you’ve met one person in your life at least that is incredibly traditional. Who says that person has to be you though? Remember that this is YOUR purchase and it is going to be YOUR wedding. Make your diamond engagement ring special and unique!

More and more people are leaning towards the more non traditional approach and buying rings that do not have diamonds in them but other stones instead. Yellow gold used to be all the rage, now there’s white gold to think about as well. Be creative here and show your partner that you think of them as a one of a kind treasure, just like the one of a kind ring that you present.

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