Planning for Your Diamond Engagement Ring Setting

Planning for you own diamond engagement ring setting – what else can you ask for?! As exciting as it sounds some get stressed and in the end mess everything up. Now, this ring is something that you will have with you for the rest of your life so you got to put a bit of time and effort into it.

Here is a list you may want to consider in order to get the diamond engagement ring setting that you will love forever. Look for the following: * The diamond shape * The diamond size or carat weight * The metal from which the ring is made * Size of the ring

The search for the perfect diamond engagement ring setting has to start with the most important thing – the diamond. Diamond is cut into many different shapes. Here are a few to consider: * Princess cut - square * Brilliant cut- round * Emerald cut- rectangle * Trillion cut- triangle * Marquee cut * Pear or tear shape cut

All of the above are very popular and sought after diamond engagement ring setting. Once you decide the shape of your gem stone, you need to move to the next point.

The carat weight

This determines the size and weight of the diamond. Popular sizes for an engagement ring are from one carat up. If you choose anything smaller then one carat you may consider enhancing the main gem stone with other gem stones to make it look grandiose like an engagement ring should be.

Now that we have picked the shape and size of the diamond we move on to the actual diamond engagement ring setting. There are many types of precious metal to choose from to get the ring made. An engagement ring is traditionally made out of gold or platinum not silver. So you still have a choice in these as well – gold can be white or yellow, 14K or 18K and then of course is platinum.

Last but not least you must determine the size of the ring by measuring your finger at the jewelry store. There is a special finger measurer which will determine the size of your finger.

Once you have completed the above list all you have to do wait for your diamond engagement ring setting to be complete and presented to you by your soon to be fiancée. It is a wonderful experience shopping and planning your our engagement ring, something you will remember and tell your children and possibly your grand children too. You never know, may be this very ring will be handed over from mother to son for generations to come.

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