A diamond Eternity Ring to Mark Eternity

A diamond eternity ring is a gift that is most appropriate on anniversaries; it is usually worn together with the engagement ring and at times it replaces the wedding band; it is also given as wedding bands. The diamond eternity ring symbolizes love for eternity hence its name.

The setting of the diamond eternity ring

All shapes of diamond cuts can be used depending on your preference. The gem stones themselves go all around the ring band creating thus ‘eternity’. The precious metal suggested for diamonds is mostly white gold as it shows off the diamonds in their true glory and sparkle. However, any metal can be used according to one’s desire. Diamonds can never look bad no matter of the precious metal they are set in.

The shape of the gem stones can be from used from any shape that diamonds are cut – princess, emerald, round/brilliant, pear, oval or marquis. It is a matter of ones choice and personality. They look great in all shapes and sparkle alike.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages are that it will add to the beauty of your engagement ring or any other ring that you may choose to wear it along with it. The only known disadvantage known is that it is not very comfortable to wear. The diamonds going all around the band it hurts the two side fingers along the ring as well as the palm. Another point is, even if the diamonds are the hardest gem stone of all, it may be scratched or even sometimes chipped if you wear the ring all the time and do house work with it.

More ideas and information for your diamond eternity ring

The diamond eternity ring does not have to be all diamonds. You can make your own creations and add other gem stones. The combinations known are: diamonds emeralds, diamonds and sapphires, diamonds and rubies the choice is endless. Here is an idea – if diamonds are not your birthstone, you can mix diamonds and your birthstone to get your personalized eternity ring.

It is always a great pleasure to give and receive jewelry so, why nor make it all more special and give your loved one something that she will cherish for eternity – a diamond eternity ring. There is no better way to show your love and make your loved one remember it every single time she looks at the diamond eternity ring.

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