What to Look For With Diamond Grading

When diamond grading there are several different things you need to look at. Each of these areas is important in deciding the quality of the diamond you are about to purchase. Remember, a diamond is an investment, but there are certain areas that will make your diamond a good investment. If you follow the right guidelines, you’ll find your jewelry to be one of the best purchases you’ll have and something that will only go up in value. Now we’ll discuss some of the different areas of diamond grading.

The Five Cuts of Diamonds

You need to look at what is called the 5Cs of diamonds. The 5Cs of diamonds are based on the size of the diamond (how many carats), the color of the diamond, the clarity, cut and the cost of the diamond. All of these different areas are the first things you would look at when trying to decide if the diamond is one of value or not. Each of these different areas contributes to the value of the diamond, and how much you pay, which means that the last that you look at is the cost of the diamond, as the other 4 attributes should piece together and give you a fairly accurate cost.

Another important aspect is the shape of the diamond. How the diamond is cut is important because more of the color or clarity may possibly be seen. However, the only true way to inspect a diamond is upside down. If it is already set in gold, there is no easy way to tell. The various shapes of the diamond are round, emerald, heart, marquise, oval, pear and princess cuts. Each shape will give the diamond more or less of a prism effect. This is beneficial in being able to see the color. If you use it like a prism, you can grade part of the color that way. This is important with diamond grading. Keep in mind as well, that there are ‘classic’ cuts, and ‘vogue’ cuts, which basically means cuts that are currently in fashion. Classic cuts are timeless, and don’t go out of date. Vogue cuts do.

Learn More about Diamonds

Effective diamond grading helps you to buy a diamond, sell a diamond and will accurately show and describe to you the differences between diamonds. The world of polished diamonds is highly competitive if you ever decide to go into the game full time. It is an investment of a lifetime, and when picked right, one that can yield you considerable profits, especially if you are proficient in diamond grading.

Make sure when you are purchasing your diamond that you shop around. Different places will offer different prices, but most diamonds are marked up 100% (from a retail point of view). If you don’t know how to tell the difference between the various types and styles of diamonds, it would be a good idea to contract a professional to do the services for you.

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