Diamond Heart Ring as an Alternative to the Usual Engagement Ring

A diamond heart ring is an attractive and very different take on the traditional diamond ring. The heart shaped ring is romantic inspiring, and is crafted in all the usual cuts of a diamond with various metal settings available. A new idea is to give an engagement ring that is not the ordinary single diamond solitaire, but rather a beautiful and romantic new design to cherish for years to come.

Design Options

The design of a diamond heart ring can consist of one diamond in a heart shape or it can also include a number of heart shaped diamonds in one ring. The number of diamonds can either increase or decrease the price depending on what cut and size of the diamond and change the look of the ring drastically. There are numerous designs involving single diamond or multiple diamond settings for diamond heart ring, and it is a personal choice as to which one is right for you or that special someone that the ring is for.

Another option for a diamond heart ring is whether to have one solid heart shaped diamond or to have a heart filled in with many smaller diamonds? When using several smaller diamonds to fill in a heart shape, a curved look is quite exquisite. Both the single diamond heart design and the multiple diamond heart design look equally attractive, and it will come down to individual taste when buying a diamond heart ring

Colored Diamonds

Colored diamonds that are heart shaped adds a new flair with a taste of fun and makes a ring much more vibrant. Adding a color adds depth and personality to a ring and gives more choice than the traditional white or clear diamond. Together the heart shape and colored diamond makes a stunning and personalized ring choice that is perfect for a unique personality that is going to wear the ring.

Blue, pink, yellow, or black colored diamonds are an option when trying to choose an engagement ring that is different and as special and individual as the woman it is for. A diamond heart ring is a different option for an engagement ring, and colored diamonds are also another option available when shopping for a one of a kind engagement ring.


The amount you spend on a diamond heart ring will vary greatly according to a few factors. First, there is your budget and how much you have to spend on an engagement ring, which should be a symbol of your love, but should not put you in the poor house, so decide how much you can reasonably spend on the ring. Then look at what your options are within your price range.

Second, decide what type of setting you want, silver, gold, white gold or platinum, this will affect the price considerably. While deciding on a setting think about what goes with the diamond you like the best.

Third, decide how much diamond you can afford and want. You may want a large diamond or you may want to have a few smaller diamonds or even a mid sized diamond. Then decide the quality of diamond you want for your engagement ring. When I checked online for a diamond heart ring, I saw a widely varied range starting from one hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. It is hard to give a price until you decide what setting and diamond size and quality you want for the ring.

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