Get a Nice Diamond Hoop Earring Set

If you want diamond jewelry, but you don’t want to get a ring or a necklace, you can settle for a diamond hoop earring set. Your diamond hoop earring set will show a lot of exquisite taste. You won’t ever want to take those beauties off your ear once you put them in. Diamond hoop earrings are a great way to add to your jewelry collection, as they are usually the selection of choice for most females when they are going out for that special occasion. While you can get them set in most types of gold, it is a good idea that you get them set in either white gold or platinum to set off the look of the diamond as much as possible.

Your Diamond Hoop Earring Set Is an Investment

Your diamond hoop earring set is very valuable as an investment. Provided that you buy right, it is likely that the price will go up over time. You will need to know how to select a good pair of earrings in order for your investment to be valuable. It is best if you have your diamond hoop earrings custom designed specifically for your needs. You can hand select the diamonds of varying qualities to use as the gemstones in the earrings. This is better because the only way you can truly know the quality of the diamond is to look at it upside down. There are many factors that decide if your diamond is quality. We’ll discuss them a bit.

Get Value Out Of Your Diamond Hoop Earring Set

When you get your diamond hoop earring set put together, you will want to look at the diamond for the size (carat), the shape (cut), the color, the clarity and how much it is going to cost you. One of the most important points in this equation is the cut. Now, some cuts go in and out of fashion, and others are timeless, which means that you can keep and hand down your diamond earrings to your future generations as well. While you might have a personal preference as to which cut is ‘best’ for you, you might like to consult with a professional diamond jeweler who can tell you if the cut you are picking will be in fashion 10, 20 years in the future.

While some people set their diamond hoop earrings in gold, it would be better as discussed above to set it in white gold or platinum. It adds class, quality, and if you have a high quality diamond allows it to shine. Keep in mind though that if the quality of the diamond is poor, you’ll want to have it set in yellow gold to hide the flaws.

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