Diamond Jewelry Trends Of 2006

With the year already almost halfway over, it’s become apparent to even me that wearing diamond jewelry isn’t enough, now you have to pay attention to the trends as well in order to make those diamonds shine their brightest.

Raise Your Hand Proudly

The latest trend to be reported on comes from the catchy new slogan “Your left hand lives for love. Your right hand lives for the moment,” which is targeting women who are happy being carefree, single and independent and it’s worked. Reports of countless rings being sold have come in. So there’s your fashion tip of the day single ladies, if you’re single and proud there’s no better way to show it off than by buying yourself a diamond ring and wearing it on your right hand.

Luck of the Irish Perhaps?

For those of you who aren’t interested in expressing your individuality with right hand rings, another trend that has been spotted this year is the resurgence of four leaf clover themed jewelry.

As the centuries old Irish symbol of luck, faith, hope, and love, this symbol is now getting a new beginning in the world of Diamond jewelry from such superstars as Heidi Klum and Carl Blackburn.

What about Wedding Rings?

You can’t write an article about diamond jewelry and not talk about weddings. A little research brought me back to Carl Blackburn who is the go-to guy for diamond jewelry in Beverly Hills. According to him, there are two big trends making them known within the wedding ring circles.

The first trend is a new popularity in antique cut diamonds. The biggest reason why it’s seeing a new trend of popularity is the engagement of Leanne Rimes. The second trend in diamond jewelry when it comes to wedding rings is that bigger is better. With more and more celebrities buying the biggest diamonds their salaries can provide, more ladies are looking for bigger as well.

Enough with the Rings

To be fair, rings are not the only hot trend in diamond jewelry this year. There are also some great things to be said for earrings. Sadly the trends seem to be the same for the most part though with bigger being better. Though it is said that diamond earrings are the best gift you can give someone. It gives the wearer an air of high class taste and a fine appreciation of beautiful things.

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