Get Your Loved One a Diamond from a Diamond Jewelry Store

They say a diamond is a woman’s best friend. Diamonds represent love and hope for the future. Not to mention, there’s a lot of inspiration in a diamond and finding the diamond of your dreams is as simple as finding the right diamond jewelry store. You can find these stores in your hometown, the town next to you, online and around the world. Your diamond can range in size, and of course, the more carats your diamond is, the higher the price.

You’ll want to purchase your diamond from a diamond jewelry store that is willing to put in the time and effort in helping you to pick the right diamond, be it for a gift, a wedding/engagement ring, or just something for that special someone on Valentines Day. A diamond is undoubtedly going to capture your lover’s heart when you give it to them on this romantic of days. While most women have just one piece of major diamond jewelry, that of their engagement or wedding ring, you’ll be pleased to know that if you find the right diamond jewelry store, you can purchase additional pieces at a great price. It all comes down to the quality of the diamonds you are looking at.

Diamonds Are Graded By Their Color and Clarity

Diamonds range in different quality. The quality of the diamond is judged by its grade. One cool thing you should know is diamonds are graded upside down. A person who grades diamonds for a living can’t tell the quality of the color or clarity if you look at it from right side up.

This, unfortunately, is the only way you will ever see your diamond in its ring. They are all upside down. Therefore, if you are trying to look at the clarity or the color, you won’t truly be able to see it once it is set in the gold. Consider this when buying from a diamond jewelry store and make sure you do your homework before you purchase, get the ring/diamond verified and don’t take the salespersons word for it.

Choose a Better Cut

If you are choosing a yellow gold setting for your diamond ring, NO ONE at all will be able to tell if your diamond is better than a G or H. You will however, have to buy clarity better than VS2. Buying a better diamond, or a diamond that has a better cut and clarity is an investment in the future. It is a rare gemstone, and as such, if bought properly, will retain its value. When it comes to beauty, you are better off to pay for a better cut. The cut does make a difference when you are buying from a diamond jewelry store. Unless you know your jeweler, he or she isn’t going to tell you that your diamond isn’t quality, so make sure you are asking those questions to make sure it is.

Whether you are purchasing a diamond ring, or your loved one is purchasing it, you will want to make sure you are getting the right quality diamond for the money you are paying. Diamonds are usually marked up heavily, so when buying from a diamond jewelry store, make sure it is one that you know, or at least can haggle a little with to get a better price.

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