Executive Gifts

There are several occasions where executive gifts are appropriate and helpful. Executive gifts can be given as a reward for excellent executive performance, to show appreciation to established clients, or to help attract potential clients. Gifts are often used as incentive to promote better employee relations and or to induce better performance.

Ideally, executive gifts should represent several things. First, the quality of the executive gifts given should reflect or exceed the status of the recipients. For example, it would not be appropriate to give a cheap ballpoint pen to the vice president of a large corporation. Executive gifts for those in high corporate positions should be more along the line of engraved pen sets with gold leafing, or a marble paperweight with gold or platinum veining. It can be appropriate at times, however, for expensive executive gifts to be given to non-management employees if the gifts are a reward for outstanding performance.

Executive gifts, especially those given to clients or potential clients, should reflect the business of the people who are giving the gifts. A company that sells boats could give gifts with a maritime theme; a real estate company could give gifts such as decorative home items or ceramic or crystal house figurines. The key is to make sure that the gift will always remind the recipient of a particular company.

Executive gifts can be quite elaborate, depending on what they are for. Incentive or appreciation gifts for top level executives can include such high-priced items as cars, boats, or even the use of a company vacation condo for a certain period of time. The extravagance of the gift reflects the occasion, the status of the recipient, and what the giver is hoping to express or achieve.

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