Finding Executive Gifts

An executive gift has a unique look. Anyone who has ever worked for an executive knows this because this is what we stare at when we’re getting yelled at in the boss’ office and wonder who would like him or her that much to spring for one of these. Some of them are terribly expensive or at least they look that way.

Some corporations buy executive gifts by the dozens and give them to executives when they reach a milestone such as five years of service or landing a new account. Where do they find these unique conversation pieces that one doesn’t see anywhere else?

There are websites that specialize in executive gifts that even tell you all the occasions for which you should purchase these gems. They also give advice for example, not to make executive gifts something personal. That must be the reason for all the clocks and pens.

Executive gifts have branched out over the years though. Sure, clocks and pens are still there, but so are fun little golf thingies that cost a mint. Now food is part of the executive gift line-up. It should be as much as it costs. You can buy steak packages or fruit baskets or cheese and wine to woo potential customers or say thank you with lobster, salmon or cheesecake.

If you’re looking for executive gifts, you can find them in almost all price ranges from 25 dollars to thousands of dollars for the TV on the wall for the conference room. If you really don’t like the person much though and you’re just obligated to buy the thing, look for one of those noisy steel ball things that no one can resist messing with. It will drive your executive nuts!

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