Giving Executive Gifts

Giving executive gifts can be a lot of fun, especially when you can personally hand out or present such gifts. Executive gifts can be given at awards ceremonies, on the anniversary of an employee’s date of hire, when goals have been reached, when employees have been performing better than expected, for birthdays, or even during the holidays. Most corporations find that the giving of executive gifts raises morale and gives employees something to look forward to.

Executive gifts can be just about anything and doesn’t have to be all that expensive. One of the most common executive gifts is an engraved pen with the company name or employee name being engraved on the pen. If you would like to do a bit more you can get an engraved pen and pencil set, which most executives will really enjoy getting and will be useful, too. Other great executive gifts are paper weights, engraved staplers, executive style computer chairs, and more. What type of executive gifts that your company gives out will really depend on the nature of the relationships as well as the amount of money you want to spend on the gifts.

Some corporations have very glamorous executive gifts such as new cars, new desks, all expense paid trips, boats, and computers. These executive gifts are always go over really well with employees but they require that you have a bigger budget than most corporation have for gifts. This type of gift can be given when someone makes the deal of a lifetime, becomes a fully invested partner, or has been with the company for a long time. Every corporation must decide what their executive gifts will be and try to stick with something similar so all is fair in the executive gifts race among employees!

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