Body jewelry has become a fad today

Body jewelry has become a fad with youngsters today. They don’t mind getting lips, tongue, belly button and eyebrows pierced to flaunt trinkets. Earlier, body jewelry was limited to ears and nose only, and was largely worn by women. No decent man would consider wearing body jewelry. However, today’s youngsters have no such hang ups. To them, body jewelry is an important fashion statement.

They don’t even look at the metal that is used to make body jewelry. As far as they are concerned it only needs to be trendy. This is unfortunate because the metal can react with the skin. Also, German silver should not be used for body piercing because silver gets corroded when it comes into contact with sulfur, and produces a metal salt that is harmful to the body.

The safest metals to make body jewelry are Titanium and niobium. They are elegant to use and have absolutely no effect on the skin. Also, the jewelry can be made in different colors by anodizing the base metal. The only drawback is the price. Jewelry made of these rare metals costs a fortune.

Body jewelers also like to use stainless steel to make the jewelry. This is because steel is less toxic when compared to other metals, and is more affordable. Gold plated and filled jewelry is also commonly sported. This jewelry is not that harmful if the base metal doesn’t come in contact with the skin.

However, if the gold plating or the filling chips off due to continuous use then they can become a source of infection. This is because the chipped off portions tend to accumulate dust and dirt and act as a breeding ground of microorganisms. The base metals can also react with body fluids especially those containing sulfur to produce a toxic salt.

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