Selecting the right bridal jewelry

One of the most difficult tasks for any bride is to choose the right bridal jewelry. Should it be gold? Or should it be platinum? What about the necklace? Should it be simple or should it be heavy? These are just a few of the questions that haunt every young bride. Some brides are lucky. They have their mothers or relatives to help them out. The others have to struggle to make the right decisions. One decision that every bride must make is to shun heavy jewelry. It is not only difficult to handle but can give a very loud look. The jewelry should be decided according to the wedding gown. If a bride has chosen a high neck gown then she should avoid wearing a necklace. A chain would be a much better decision.

If, however, the gown has a low neckline then a simple necklace will be ideal. A string of pearls will also work well. Platinum or crystal designs can also be considered. These are simple, intricate and produce a great effect. Chokers and heavy sets must definitely be avoided.

The bride can also experiment with earrings. Ear studs always add to a woman’s beauty. The bride can therefore select semiprecious stone studs that are of the same colour as the wedding gown. Otherwise, she can wear something traditional like gold or diamond earrings. Platinum pieces too can be used.

Another thing to be kept in mind while deciding the earrings is that they should complement the bride’s hairstyle. It is best to go for long earrings especially if the hair is tied high, and small earrings if the hair is left loose. But flashy and gaudy stuff must be avoided.

Also, the jewelry should never be mixed. The bride must avoid wearing gold, silver and platinum together. It spoils the look. The best is to wear simple, delicate and elegant neck pieces and earrings that complement the style and dress.

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