Designer semi precious stone jewelry

There is nothing more valuable than designer semi precious stone jewelry. It is made by jewelers who want to give traditional jewelry a new flair and style; and it is worn by men and women who want to make a fashion statement.

The designer jewelry is very expensive and can be afforded by a select few only. It is available in boutiques or in special, upmarket high value jewelry stores. The great thing about designer jewelry is that no two pieces are the same. Each piece of designer jewelry is different.

The high price is for craftsmanship and ideas. The gemstones used in designer jewelry are specially cut and polished. The design is exclusive, and is most unlikely to be seen in a normal jewelry store. The gold, silver and platinum used to make the jewelry is of the highest quality, and the settings are most professional.

The designer makes sure that each and every aspect of the jewelry is taken care of. There are no flaws in design or settings, and each piece is a connoisseur’s delight. Most designers have an exclusive clientele, which largely consists of the upworldly mobile men and women.

However, like other jewelry, the designer jewelry too needs special care. In fact, it needs more care given the high price a buyer has paid to acquire a diamond ring or necklace. It must be kept in a pouch that is soft and dry, and stored in a cool, dry place. No two or three pieces of jewelry should be allowed to get entangled. There is always the danger of causing damage to the jewelry while untangling them.

The jewelry must be taken back to the designer in case the stones become loose so that they can be reset properly. You can even ask the designer to clean and polish the jewelry for you. This may cost extra money but it will keep your jewelry in good shape for a long time.

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