Diamond jewelry is forever

There are few sights as beautiful as diamonds set in platinum or gold. While platinum adds to the brilliance of the diamond, gold makes diamond jewelry look stunning. Each metal adds to the radiance of the diamond in its own way.

The advantage of platinum is that it maximizes a diamond's brilliance. Since platinum neither fades nor changes color like gold the dazzle of the diamond jewelry lasts forever. It is for the connoisseur to decide what he or she prefers more: the pure, natural, white of platinum or the white, yellow or rose of gold.

Beyond the metal in which it is set, diamond jewelry is also known for its shape. The seven shapes in which diamonds are cut for being turned into jewelry are: Round, Marquise, Emerald, Princess, Pear, Oval and Heart.

Another important characteristic of diamonds is the cut. A diamond before being set in platinum or gold can be cut in three distinct styles. These are: step-cut, brilliant-cut and mixed-cut.

In the step-cut, the artisan cuts edges or planes in a diamond to increase its brilliance. For instance, a 58-faceted diamond has 58 edges or planes cut into it. The facets in a step-cut resemble a staircase. In the brilliant-cut, the diamond is popularly cut in a round shape. But it can also be cut in heart, oval, marquise, and pear shapes. The mixed-cuts combine the beauty of the step-cut and the sparkle of the brilliant-cut.

Like other jewelry, the diamond jewelry too needs to be cleaned. You can use a normal jewelry cleaner or a light soap solution to wash away the dirt that may have accumulated over the months. The cleaning must be done gently, and a soft, lint-free cloth used to wipe the jewelry.

Once in a year, you should take the jewelry to a professional jeweler to check if the settings are firm. There is always the danger of diamonds falling off once the settings become lose.

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