Estate jewelry is not for the collector alone

Estate jewelry, also known as vintage jewelry, refers to jewelry that was previously owned by someone else in the past. Its purchase was earlier restricted to a chosen few who were interested in collecting timeless pieces of jewels or by jewel enthusiasts. Today more and more people are becoming interested in estate jewelry.

This can be attributed to the increased awareness that has been brought about by the media. Also people are getting more brand and fashion conscious. If they can wear what their favorite actress wore to a ball then they would definitely like to buy it. Many people are also interested in period jewelry -- that is jewelry that was made at a certain period of time but is no longer made.

Estate jewelry is more costly than most jewelry and is sold in select outlets only. Sometime it can be bought at auctions also. The price of the jewelry usually increases as the timeline increases. For instance, Victorian era jewelry will be more expensive than the retro era jewelry. Any estate jewelry that is more than 100 years old is also classified as antique jewelry and commands an even higher price.

While buying estate jewelry one should make sure of the authencity of the product. If you are not knowledgeable enough then you should take the help of a jeweler. Special care should be taken when purchasing stone studded sets or the queen tiaras. It is likely that due to rough handling some of the stones might have fallen off or may be chipped. There are also chances that the missing stones might have been replaced by artificially produced stones. To avoid being cheated it is best to get the stones tested by a gemologist from a reputed institute.

You should also examine the jewelry carefully. Sometimes clasps can be resoldered or the surface might have a slight dent or scratch. Damaged pieces do not hold the same value as the properly maintained pieces. Always take a receipt after the purchase since it can be used for insurance.

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