A jewelry box is a woman’s best companion

There is nothing more enchanting than a well-crafted jewelry box. Young girls love the jewelry boxes and so do young brides. Even old maidens can’t resist the temptation of buying fancy jewelry boxes. It is no surprise that jewelry boxes come in an end number of styles, shapes, sizes and, of course, price ranges.

The first exposure of young girls to a jewelry box is the traditional musical boxes with mirrors. These boxes are either made of heavy cardboard or pressboard, and play a lilting musical note when opened. Young girls really love these make-believe jewelry boxes.

Another kind of jewelry box that fathers often buy for their young daughters is the dresser kind. These boxes have tiny chests of drawers, where little girls keep their rings and necklaces. The insides of these boxes are lined with soft fabric, and most of them have a pretty mirror.

The jewelry boxes used by women are far more sophisticated. They have several compartments where jewelry can be safely stored. A combination lock makes theft difficult. All these boxes are made from the finest quality wood, and have beautiful interiors that are lined with good quality satin and silk.

The more expensive jewelry boxes are made from natural woods such as teak, oak and mahogany, and are exquisitely handcrafted. They are also quite heavy and are generally kept on dressers or in cabinets. Some of them have beautifully carved legs, which make them look even more dainty and elegant.

Every woman is greatly attached to her jewelry box, and takes great care to keep it safely. In many families, the jewelry boxes are handed over to the sons when they get married. They are almost like family heirlooms, to be treasured and admired.

They also make great wedding presents. The danger, however, is that more than one guest may present a jewelry box, making the bride wonder what to do with so many jewelry boxes.

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