A jewelry store is any shopper’s delight

It is always a pleasure to walk into a well-designed jewelry store and browse through rows and rows of glass shelves filled with necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, diamonds and other precious stones. There is glint and sparkle all around.

The sparkle is not limited to the tantalizing works of art set in white or yellow metal. The polished banisters and gleaming glass and chrome shelves add to the glint and glitter of gold, silver and platinum jewelry. Some stores even have diffuse lighting and channel music playing to set the right mood.

The up market jewelry stores normally stock jewelry worth millions of dollars. Most of the jewelry has been especially crafted for upmarket gentry. Almost every piece is different and unique in itself. The well-informed salesmen make sure that the customer understands why each piece is unique.

Shopping at jewelry stores is a great experience. You can spend endless hours going through pendants or rings or necklaces displayed in the shelves. Besides this, you can ask for special pieces stored in safes. They are taken out for special customers only, and immediately put back.

The security is high at any jewelry store but it is not intrusive. Closed circuit cameras monitor the movement of all customers. There are also plain clothes security personnel posted at vantage points to keep an eye on customers. The greatest responsibility is that of salesmen. They are accountable for every piece of jewelry under their custody, and have to account for any piece that may go missing.

The smaller jewelry stores too are very security minded. They may not be as swank or spacious as the upmarket stores but they too have put into place practices that minimize chances of theft or pilferage. These stores have a limited inventory, and offer a limited choice to customers. But they are relatively a little less expensive. They are also willing to share a little more of their profit with the customers to make sure that they return again.

The success of any jewelry store depends upon its craftsmanship, and the quality of the jewelry. Even the slightest whisper of cheating can destroy a jewelry store.

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