Semi precious birthstones

Every month has its own semi precious birthstones. Garnet is the birthstone of those born in January. It has for long been associated with blood purification, and is used to protect individuals against food poisoning, snake bite or hemorrhage. The most popular garnets are burgundy red in color.

The February birthstone is Amethyst, which is a form of quartz. Its color ranges from pale lilac to dark purple. The gemstone symbolizes peace and tranquility. It also protects the wearer from intoxication.

The March birthstone is Aquamarine. As the name suggests, it can be found in all shades of blue. The sailors liked this stone because it was said to protect them at sea.

No one needs any introduction to the April birthstone. It is none other than the brilliant diamond that has seduced kings and queens for centuries. Most diamonds are colorless, and symbolize love and courage.

The May birthstone is Emerald. It ranges from light to dark green in color, and is said to improve eyesight. It is also believed to give the wearer psychic powers.

The June birthstone is Pearl, a gemstone that is born and nurtured in the shells of marine or freshwater mollusk. The best pearls are pure white, and have traditionally symbolized modesty, chastity, power, and courage.

The July birthstone is Ruby, the fiery bright red to red-violet stone that comes from corundum. Rubies are known to bring wisdom and help in love.

The lime green Peridots sometimes tinged with olive or brownish shades are the August birthstone. They represent the sun and give protection from nightmares.

Those who are born in September must go for Sapphire, if possible cornflower blue, which is the most sought after sapphire. This stone is associated with peace and happiness.

The October birthstone is the beautiful Opal. These stones are the symbols of innocence and purity. But they need special care because they crack very quickly.

The yellow Topaz is the November Birthstone, and is believed to calm tempers and give strength.

The last month of the year is dedicated to Turquoise. This is a soft, opaque stone that can be sky blue to bluish-green in color. This is another stone that brings happiness and security to its wearer.

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