Semi precious stone guide

Semi precious stones have been enraptured and entranced human beings for generations. They have valued these stones for their beauty as well as supernatural powers. Here is a semiprecious stones guide:

Amber: It is translucent to opaque yellow, and has a warm feeling about it.

Amethyst: It is a transparent gemstone whose color ranges from light lavender to deep purple. Cape Amethyst, which is light lavender in color, is one of the more popular amethyst stones. Aquamarine: As the name suggests, this stone is transparent blue to pale green in color. Its most common varieties are pale, icy blue. Carnelian: This stone is known by several names, the most common being Mecca stone, Pigeon Blood Agate and Cornelian It is a translucent stone that is reddish-orange to red in color. Citrine: It is a variety of crystalline quartz and is yellow, golden or orange-yellow in color. It is also known as Madeira or Bahia Topaz, Cuddle Quartz or the "Merchant's Stone. Coral: It is usually red, orange-red or pink in color, and can be quite expensive. Fire Opal: This is the bright red/pink variety of opal usually found in Mexico. Garnet: The most common color of this stone is burgundy red. But it can also be found in shades of transparent to translucent red, pink, orange-red, orange, purple and green. Green Aventurine: This is a variety of translucent quartz, and derives its color from the presence of unoxidized iron minerals. Labradorite: This stone derives its name from the Labrador peninsula where it was discovered. It has a shimmering appearance, and is usually khaki green in color. Lapis Lazuli: This is quite a prized stone, especially if it happens to be royal blue in color. Otherwise, its color ranges from green to sky blue, with glittering golden specks. Moonstone: This stone derives its name from it pure white color which makes it resemble the moon. Onyx: This stone comes in a wide range of colors that can be even or banded -- the strongly banded ones being known as Sardonyx. Peruvian Blue Opal: This quartz stone derives its name from the trapped water that also gives it the blue color. It is one of the more expensive opals. Poppy Jasper: It is an opaque semi-precious gemstone, brick red with black, tan and white patterns.

Rose Quartz: This quartz stone is light to medium pink, and cloudy. Rutilated Quartz: This is a rare stone. It is very clear with fine, golden or golden-red needle-like crystals. It is also known as Venus Hair Stone, Maiden Hair Stone, Cupid's Arrow and Sagenite. Smokey Quartz: This is a clear gray or brown variety of crystalline Quartz. Among its other names are Cairngorm, Morion and Dream Stone. Topaz: It comes is several colors, the most common being translucent yellow, golden, green, light brown, light blue or clear.

Tourmaline: It is a popular gemstone that comes in a range of colors. The most prized tourmaline is the Watermelon Tourmaline, which is green outside and pink inside. Turquoise: This is an opaque stone that is light robin egg blue to green in color. It is also known as the lucky stone.

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