Semi precious stone jewelry

The semiprecious stone jewelry is not new. It was worn by early Greeks, early Egyptians and the great Romans. Everyone found stone jewelry to be a great way of adorning the body. The discovery of silver and gold must have added greater value to stone jewelry because both these metals were soft and could easily be used to make jewelry embedded with semi precious stones.

Some of the semi precious stones that were used to make jewelry included rubies, emeralds, opals, garnets and pearls. They were used to make pendants, necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, and body jewelry like nose and ear studs. They were also used to adorn the crowns worn by kings and tiaras worn by queens.

Even today jewelry made of semi precious stones is very popular. One advantage of this jewelry is that it is relatively more affordable as compared to jewelry made of pure gold. The stones are also used to make costume and fashion jewelry, which makes it possible for a large number of people to buy them.

Another advantage of stone jewelry is that it is said to provide some mystic benefits. These benefits come from the stone that is encrusted in the jewelry. For instance, the yellow Topaz helps in cooling tempers, and brings happiness and security to the wearer. The rubies are believed to help in love while the pearl stands for modesty, chastity, power, and courage.

The value of stone jewelry depends upon the size of the semi precious stone. A large ruby will command a much higher price than a small ruby. The same holds true of opal or amethysts. Another important factor that determines the value of semi precious stones is the way the stone is cut and polished.

However, before buying stone jewelry you should check if the stone is natural or not. Today, several semi precious stones are manufactured in laboratories. They can be distinguished from the natural stones by a trained jeweler only.

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