Semi precious stone meaning

The semi precious stone meaning depends largely on the kind of culture that used it. Some civilizations valued a semi precious stone for its beauty while others worshipped it for its supernatural powers.

Most of these beliefs and myths have been passed from generation to generation, and have almost become a part of the folklore. For instance, the burgundy red Garnet is associated with blood purification, and is used to protect wearers against food poisoning, snake bite or hemorrhage.

Amethyst, on the other hand, symbolizes peace and tranquility, and protects the wearer from intoxication. Similarly, Aquamarine, which is the sailors’ lucky stone, is believed to protect them at sea.

The sparkling diamonds symbolize love and courage while the light to dark green Emeralds give psychic powers to wearers, according to these myths.

The pure white Pearl, as expected, symbolizes modesty, chastity, power, and courage while the fiery red Rubies are believed to help in love. Sapphires, besides their beauty, are associated with peace and happiness while the lovely Opals are symbols of innocence and purity.

The yellow Topaz is known to calm tempers and give strength while the soft brings happiness and security to the wearer.

It is for you to believe the powers that the stone gives or the symbolism that has come to be associated with them. But there are many who spend small fortunes visiting astrologers and gemologists finding out the stone that suits them best.

Semi precious stones are especially very important in the eastern countries. In India, for instance, a business man whose business is not doing well visits gemologists to find a stone that can help him. The same applies to executives whose careers are stagnating or whose families are afflicted by sickness and disease.

Each semi precious stone has its own value, and meaning. It is for you to find the right person who can tell you the meaning.

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