Semi precious stone necklace

Among the jewelry items that have been prized by women for ages is the semi precious stone necklace. These necklaces were worn with great pride in ancient times, and are worn today with equal pride. They are available at most jewelry stores, and come at prices that are affordable for most families.

Most of these necklaces are set in gold and silver, and come in different shapes and sizes. The value of these necklaces is directly proportional to the amount of gold or silver that has been used to make them, and the quality of the semi precious stones.

The highest value is assigned for gems which are natural and have been cut and polished well. The jeweler may encrust scores of small gems in a necklace or string it with three or four gems. Special care is taken to ensure that the gems don’t fall off.

The resale value of these necklaces is not high with jewelers paying for the gold and silver only. The amount paid for the gems depends upon their quality but there is no guarantee that the user will get the same value that he paid for while buying the necklace.

The buyers need to take great care of these necklaces. They should be stored in pouches and kept in a cool place. Every six months or a year, depending upon use, the stone necklaces should be washed in lukewarm, soap water to remove dirt. After cleaning, they should be wiped with a clean, dry cloth.

In case, the buyer notices that the settings are becoming loose then she should not take the necklace back to the jeweler for resetting. Sometimes, the gems fall off without the buyer being aware of what has happened. To avoid this, the buyers must check the necklace carefully after using it. It is possible that the gems may have fallen in the same room.

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