Turquoise jewelry is a delight to behold

Turquoise is a beautiful semiprecious stone that has added grace and elegance to silver jewelry for ages. In its natural form turquoise, which was first found in Persia, has a bluish-greenish hue. Today America, Chile, Mexico and Australia are all leading producers of turquoise stones, which are used to make turquoise jewelry.

The semiprecious stone is formed when water percolates into aluminum along with copper. In fact the color of turquoise is largely attributed to the amount of copper present in it. The stone also has a lot of markings on it which are caused by the percolation of water. All stones display different designs and this is what makes turquoise so exquisite and beautiful.

Turquoise can be set in both gold and silver, and is commonly studded in bracelets, rings, chains and belts. However, when buying turquoise jewelry you must ensure that the stone is of a good grade with a specific gravity of more than 2.8.

Since the stones are extracted from very near the surface of the ground they are very soft and can be easily damaged. To harden them most jewelers inject epoxy resin into them. You can also be fooled into buying non-precious stones like chyrocolla that can be made to look like turquoise by artificial treatment. Hence, it is necessary to purchase the stone from a reputed store.

Since turquoise is comparatively softer than other semiprecious stones it is necessary that you take good care of it. The stone should not be allowed to be damaged by grease or chemicals. Soft soapy water should be used to wash it, and it should be dried using a soft cloth to prevent scratching.

Like any other precious stone turquoise is also believed to impart good luck and fortune to the wearer. It is said to relieve the person of mental strains and other illness, and produce a calming effect on the mind.

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