Cheap purse

A cheap purse can be found practically anywhere. If you are looking for a cheap purse, you will want to go to a department store or super store like Wal-Mart. Places that do a lot of sales will have a lot of fine purses for a good price. However, remember you get what you pay for. If your purse is below $40 it might only last one season or a couple weeks.

A cool type of cheap purse is the knockoff. The knockoff purse is basically a designer bag or purse that has been redone and is far less expensive. A knockoff will look exactly like some of the season's hottest purses but for one or two tiny details.

You may notice that the designer nameplate may fall off within a couple days, or you may notice that the name of the purse is spelled wrong. For companies that make the knockoff bag, they are allowed to copy a look but must change the name of the bag or offer it in colors that the designer doesn't. There has to be some change in creativity.

If you want to find a knockoff go to the streets and markets in the city. Street vendors will be the cheapest sellers. They need to push as much products to be sold as quickly as possible because most do not have selling permits and must avoid the police. In the markets, even though the bags are more expensive, you are most likely to find a real designer bag for a cheap price. However, most likely you will pay $100 for a knockoff that you could have gotten for $45 on the street.

If you don't live near the cities and you would like to purchase a cheap purchase, you will want to go to the mall. Yes, purses at the mall can be expensive, but most department stores will offer discounts on them. If you want some designer names, you will want to head to your nearest outlet store. Outlet stores are great because they have designer prices at discount prices. The only thing with going to an outlet store is that you will most likely find a purse from last season.

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