Coin purse

What is a coin purse? A coin purse is a small little bag that will look, most likely, like a miniature clutch. Coin purses are used to keep small change like pennies, nickels, and dimes, but it can also be used for much more than that. Some people who have a coin purse use it as a secret place for a couple bills. They will keep a bill or two in the coin purse so that the purse isn't bulging. It is also a place that woman use to keep person things.

A coin purse doesn't have to be kept in the purse for the actual storage of money. It can also be kept in a jewelry box to keep earrings or other valuables safe from being lost. They can also be used to keep things privately sealed from other people. You would be surprised to know just what woman will keep in a coin purse.

Coin purses were extremely popular in the 50s, but as fashion changed, it just didn't seem reasonable to keep a coin purse. Now a day it is inappropriate to jingle. Meaning, people are no longer supports to keep change on them.

In the business setting, a man is no longer permitted to keep small change or coins in their pockets and woman are not expected to dig for change. This has changed because Americans do not carry cash on them. Americans have turned into a plastic society where charge cards and MAC cards are accepted everywhere, including fast food places. Why carry change when people expect you to pay with a card?

Many designers though do make the coin purse. The coin purse is to match the purse and the checkbook or wallet. However, they don't make the coin purse for coins. Because of the change in expectations, the coin purse is simple to keep together small items that will be convenient to gaining access to. This could be a lighter, lipstick, perfume, ect. Having the coin purse to go with the purse is like a collection, and it is useful when you want to keep things together.

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