Designer inspired handbags

Designer inspired handbags are much like knockoffs. Knockoffs are just designs that are similar or the same to other designers. Simply, a knockoff is just a copycat of the original and usually doesn't have the same quality. They don't have the same quality because they don't have the designer names. You will even find that most knockoffs will try their hardest to have a company name like a well known designer. For example, instead of Prada, it will be Proda or Prado. Knockoffs are much less than designer and are usually about a third or so of the original price. Why? Again, you aren't paying for the designer name. Basically, knockoff companies make designer inspired handbags in hopes to sell thousands. When it comes to designer, they only expect to sell maybe a couple hundred purses.

There are some designer inspired handbags that aren't knockoffs. They take a designer's ideas and then tries to add a twist to it. They try to take high fashion and throw some more edge and boldness to the designs. These are great because you get a piece of high fashion, but also the creativity of the designer. They may add more zippers or beads or pockets, but they keep the basic look of the well known designer to get people interested in their designs.

You will notice that these types of designs are sold, many times, right next to the original designs or online at specially selected stores. Many of the times, these designers will eventually become big, and so it's good to take advantage because eventually they will become a household name. But when it comes to knockoffs, it's basically like being a poser.

Many people who purchase the knockoffs are trying to be someone who they aren't. It's not that cool to purchase a knockoff, unless you have what it takes to pull it off. You will want to make sure that the name is concealed from the public, but even then if the quality of the purse or handbag isn't up to par, then you be found out. Knockoffs are okay when you live in areas that aren't into fashion and those are the small towns that can be found throughout the country. If you think that you can pull if off, go with the knockoff because at least your have the illusion of high fashion.

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