Designer purse

Designer purses are usually very expensive. Only those who can actually afford them and have connections to designers get the most exclusive bags. Most designers will put a design or sample in their stores and then people will have to put a deposit down on the purse and then sign the waiting list for the most exclusive bags.

When it comes to designer names, you might hear of Prada, Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vitton, Vera Bradley, and some others. Many designers like Prada and Gucci will sell their designs for no less than $200. If you purchase it out of season, then you might get a 10-15% discount on the bag. Why are designer bags so expensive?

The reason why major designers have a high price is because of the quality and benefits it offers to a customer. The benefits of being seen with Gucci or Vitton bags can change a person's life. They will be known as someone whom you want to be friends with. When you are flaunting a designer purse that are flaunting your wealth and credibility; which is extremely important in the business world. People will start to look at you differently, especially when you are carrying a bag that has a waiting list.

When you are an "it" girl or someone with power, you have to show people that you have the power. By choosing designer bags, you are saying to everyone who passes you by that a) you have class and b) you have it all together. Not everyone can afford a Prada or Chanel bag, that's what makes designer purses so special; that's why you are special when you have a designer bag.

If you live in New York City or L.A., you want people to think you are important and that you aren't a waste of time. One why to show that on an interview or even to clients is by what you wear the purse you bring.

For famous clients, they feel more comfortable with someone who owns designer because they wouldn't expect the person to take extra money from them, because the woman seems to have money. When working with raising stars or an A list celebrity, by showing off your designer purse (especially if it's a rare product) that you have the hook ups and they trust you a lot more with their PR.

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