Fendi purse

Fendi is one of the most important designers on the market. Fendi is worn by many celebrities and A listers and the Fendi look is very much in style and a bit edgy. It was once known as a fur and leather goods store that was once owned by Eduardo and Adele Fendi in the city of Rome.

It first started in 1925 and has now evolved into a luxury fashion company that supplies purses and other accessories to some of the top celebrities and to the most important political and businesspeople through out the world. Today it is operated by Karl Lagerfield who has been part of the Fendi Company since the mid 1960's.

Fendi has expanded into many fashion areas such as apparel and purse collections. In 1997, Fendi created it's own new look for fashionable purses. The baguette handbag was designed and was suitably named because it is to be placed under the arm much like a baguette. It you were to purchase a Fendi purse today it would be a combination of modern culture, futuristic, and edgy. Fendi is still known for their fur and included fur in many of their designs.

When you go to purchase, a Fendi product you will have to go directly to Fendi or Neiman Marcus. You can also purchase plenty of Fendi products and purses online at various.

You know that you are getting a stylish purse that will be functional and beautiful, but be prepared to answer questions about your purse though. Fendi is known for having unique style and being creative with the designs of their purses and collections, many people will ask where you got your Fendi bag and will be envious of you all night.

However, be prepared to shell out some major dollars because Fendi purses can be anywhere around $700 dollars to thousands of dollars. However, for the quality and the style that Fendi stands for it's quite worth it. Many of the designs include real fur and will make the purse more expensive, but it will also make you the top of conversation at any restaurant or party.

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