Handmade purse

Handmade purses are great when you are a teenager. You get to show your creativity as well as show the public a piece of your talents and interests. They are also nice because many teenagers can't afford a good purse. You can make your handmade purse small or big and with different types of fabrics. If you want a bag that is big enough to carry some books, you will also need a bag strong enough for your books.

When you begin to design your bag, you can decide your theme, once you have your theme you are ready to purchase some fabric. If you are going for a punk-rocker look, you may want to take some old shirts that have your favorite band on it and cut out a picture of the band. You can add this to your purse with safety pins. Patches are also really great decoration to a handmade purse. When it comes to patches you can go the clean look and iron or sew then on or you can pin them with safety pins.

To begin your handmade purse, you will want to purchase a yard of fabric of your choice. This is where you can get creative. Do you want a jean, cotton, silk, satin.... purse? Find different types of fabrics and compare and pick the type that you want to make your purse out of. Then choose some bright colors or funky colors.

Once you have you fabric, you will need to cut a 1-2 thick strip for as long as you would like that strap to be. When you attach the strap to your purse, you will sew it on the inside once you have folded the strip length ways (it will be thinner so cut to your liking).

As for the main body of the purse, you will want to take your fabric and fold it until you get the size of your desire. If you plan on carrying a lot in your handmade purse, you will want to fold it a couple times so it won't tear easily. Then with the seam down, sew the sides of the purse with your strap. Then you can fill it with whatever you need for class or work.

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