Proportion and balance symbolize Baume et Mercier watches

There are few watch houses that command such respect as Baume et Mercier. This company, which was born in the first quarter of the 20th century, has been a pioneer in the field of horology.

The credit for the creation of this unique company goes to William Baume and Paul Mercier. The former was a well-established watch maker with several awards under his belt while the latter headed a well-known Geneva firm of watchmakers.

The two combined their skills to produce watches of breathtaking beauty and precision. They also brought a new dynamism to this industry with their craftsmanship and sense of artistry. The result was the evolution of a company that became an instant brand.

There are countless innovations that have been pioneered by this company, the most famous being the development of the planetary rotor. The rotor made it possible to activate the mainspring of the watch through wrist movements. This was a great breakthrough and led to the production of the world's flattest self-winding watch.

The company also gave to the world one of the most elegant watches -- the unparalleled Riviera. This watch with its 12-sided bezel and alternating satin-finish and polished link bracelet even today has few peers in terms of its elegance and sophistication.

The other striking collections from the house of Baume et Mercier include the stylish, water resistant Malibu Collection, the Hampton collection and the Linea collection. While the Hampton collection balanced tradition with modernity and contemporary elegance, the Linea collection introduced one of the most prestigious lines of jewelry bracelets for women. All Baume et Mercier watches can be recognized by the trademark phi symbol which is stamped on the clasps and dials of the watches. The symbol represents proportion and balance, and was first introduced by the company in 1964.

Among the long list of honors that have come this company's way is the prestigious Poinon de Genve, the highest honor given to master watchmakers by the Republic and Canton of Geneva. Besides this, the company’s watches regularly win applause at the yearly Basel Fair, and are treated with great seriousness by all competitors.

The success of the company was a result of some basic standards it laid down for itself. These included: highest standards of workmanship, attention to detail and a commitment to quality. To this can be added excellent after sales service, and a readiness to absorb new ideas.

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