Breguet is known for its artistry and excellence

The house of Breguet has been in existence for more than two centuries, and ever since its inception is known the world over for its fine watch making. The company’s founding father Abraham-Louis Breguet is rated as one of the greatest horologers of all time, and it is his legacy that continues to guide the development of Breguet’s watches.

The company, which has changed hands several times since its founding in 1775, is currently part of the prestigious Swatch Group. It has made timepieces in the past especially for the diplomatic, scientific, military and financial elite.

Some of Breguet’s watches have been sported by the world’s elite. They include Queen Marie-Antoinette, Napoleon Bonaparte, Talleyrand, the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, Caroline Murat, Tsar Alexander I of Russia, Queen Victoria, Sir Winston Churchill and Arthur Rubinstein.

The most remarkable aspect of the House of Breguet is its creative streak and passion for fine watch making. The world has changed but Breguet’s dedication to producing distinguished yet modern timepieces has not changed. It is obsessed by a continual quest for perfection. The highlight of the company is its ability to stay ahead of its era, yet preserve the traditions of good taste.

Among the numerous watches created by Breguet, the most famous is Tourbillon, which was invented by Abraham Louis Breguet. In addition, ageless creations such as the Classique wristwatches, Marine watches and Héritage watches continue to enhance the world of fine watch making.

All these collections have their strong points. The Classique wristwatches combine the artistry and traditional values of a Breguet watch. They come in both the manually wound and automatic movement models. Some of them also use enamel dials with Arabic numerals. The Marine watches are robust, and are meant to meet the needs of those customers who want watches to reflect comfort, practicality and style. A reinforced case and protected crown makes them strong and durable.

The Héritage watches, which are available in both men’s and women’s models, are set with diamonds. Some of them have complicated movements similar to a self-winding chronograph.

Breguet also specializes in developing ‘special’ creations, that is rare or limited edition watches. These are unique models and are a delight to both the creator and the customer. Most of these watches are sold within weeks of their creation.

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