Buying watches from authorized dealers

Buying watches from authorized dealers is a sensible decision, though there may be times when you may not get the best deal. However, you can always be sure that the watch you have bought is authentic and genuine. This is not always the case with unauthorized dealers. They may offer you a better deal but you can never be sure about the genuineness of the watch. There are far too many replicas and counterfeit watches floating in the market.

The primary advantage of buying a watch (or any other item for that matter) from an authorized dealer is the fact that the dealer is an authorized representative of the company and will not sell you a fake product. Most dealers also offer a replacement policy in addition to the warranty offered by the company.

You can also depend on authorized dealers to continue to service your watch even after the warranty has expired. You can also be certain that they will use original parts, which may not be available elsewhere in the market. In addition, authorized dealers can obtain customized and unusual accessories such as unique straps, dials and rare versions from the company.

Authorized dealers have one more advantage. They can put you in touch with the manufacturer in case your watch develops an unusual or complicated problem. Another benefit that certified watch dealers offer is the ‘switch policy’. This means that any certified dealer can undertake the servicing and repair of your watch even if you may have bought it from another dealer in another city or country. The only limiting condition here is that the purchase must have been made from a certified dealer only.

Once you have made your selection, you need not travel to the dealer’s showroom; you can merely place your order over the phone or Internet, and your watch will be delivered to your doorstep. You don’t have to worry about the genuineness of such a delivery since it is coming from an authorized source.

However, not all authorized dealers are customer friendly. There are some who may showcase only a limited number of models. There may be others, who may take advantage of their status, and charge more than the company price. Some dealers may employ salespersons who may be clueless about the important details and features of the watches.

But these are minor inconveniences, and should be overlooked for the larger cause – that is of obtaining a genuine and authentic watch.

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